P.E.A teachers and practitioners

Anne-Marie Fis

Trained as a specialist in psychopathology, she is a graduate from Toulouse university and a recognized in 1996 by the ISA (international psycho and somatotherapist association) psychosomatotherapist. After having taught Reiki she creates P.E.A : Presence with Empathy and Attention. She has been conducting workshops for many years and supportingseriously ill people for the last fourty years. She is the author of several books as well as a lecturer. She devotes her time to meditation and to helping. Essential oils and Bach flowers are her allies.

Christel Heine

Trained as a pedagogue and as a relaxation practitioner, as well as facilitating "Presence and Movement" and P.E.A, she conducts individual and / or group sessions which help us reconnect with ourselves and find inner peace and strenght.

She will be your host and help you define your expectations and elaborate your programme for your stay.


(00 33) 6 72 73 44 90


He receives you as the host of Font Blanche. He is a PEA practioner and a regular attendant at the daily evening meditation session.



(00 33) 6 30 14 23 29

Léonor Gonçalves

Qualified with an Economics Master's degree as well as with a Postgraduate degree in psychosociology and of a PhD in IT management she works as a shop manager. She has been processing with her own suffering and she is now trained as a PEA practioner and can thus support those who want it.



(00 33) 6 30 33 15 12

Christian Lecompte

Graduate of Essec, holder of a Postgraduate degree in psychosociology, he works as a company director ; he is one of Anne-Marie Fis' pupisl. Trained as a Reiki teacher and PEA practitioner as well as trained in helping relationship he is an expert in company setting and formulating life projects.

I am delighted to support some life explorers on paths of freedom.Medicinal plants and the world of trees are his allies.


(00 33) 6 61 89 11 13

Michèle degoué

The fact that she has been professionally supporting small children and teenagers for 20 years and her emotional empathic practising as a clown in hospitals naturally brought her to the way of PEA. She discovers accuracy when communicating as well as the power of gentleness and inner strength which she can from now on share.



(00 33) 6 98 40 39 92

Mariame jawhari

On her way to healing, she was trained in helping relationship and PEA by Anne-Marie Fis. She is also trained as a Yoga teacher ( Yoga of Energy at E.F.Y.S.E ). She teaches now Yoga and Reiki PEA committed to a loving-kindness process.



(00 33) 4 68 20 38 59