P.E.A training courses

Presence with Empathy and Attention training is available in two cycles :

  • The first cycle allows to learn, live and deal with P.E.A tools in depth at one's own pace.
  • A second three year P.E.A practioner training cycle.

As a living training, P.E.A is learnt by way of oral transmission and uniquely experienced by each of us on a journey of benevolence and discernment.

First cycle : P.E.A training


Tools can be aquired as well as working on horizontal notions by transmission courses.


Units enable an in-depth work during which the raw material (such as emotions, personal story, marked impacts..) is transformed using the tools.


Both courses and units are accessible to relevant levels (except from the second one "to free oneself from one's story»)



Courses content :



It is P.E.A's keystone. It is about putting our hands on oneself with awareness.You can learn it during a workshop, your stay or while getting regular cares by a practioner.

By putting our hands on oneself one can indeed be in touch again with oneself. Gradually attention then attentiveness become more steady and then the journey towards oneself unfolds. When practised daily it becomes your appointment where you meet and discover yourself, and much more...

The connection between body and mind becomes more obvious ; benevolence and discernment are induced then by the setting inner calm. The process of internalizing and getting to the point can go on.



P.E.A First level

Discovering and awareness

Learning how to connect to the energy of healing and health.

Level for discovering ,watching and calming the emotions down.


P.E.A Second level

Going into the heart of P.E.A

Level for discovering, welcoming and watching the working of emotions and for gradually connecting them with the karmic pictogram...


P.E.A Third level

Entering the true presence

Beginnings of P.E.A practising with others with the help of the awareness of contemplating and deconstructing the "I".


Second cycle : P.E.A practioner training

Individual P.E.A practioner training for any P.E.A third-level trained person.


"It has been decided from now on that an individual training will be provided to help you with your own approach as a practioner's awareness and structuring.

The way P.E.A is taught and used leads to introspection and clarity.

The training will happen in this way as individual stays or retreats ; frequency and rate will be defined together.

You will be then invited to join the experienced practioners 'group."


Anne-Marie Fis


Training content :

  • "MU" / or US (the usurper self) and the inner agencies of help.

    Theory and practice

  • Discovering the inner agencies of help 's interactions and synergy with PEA practising.

  • In-depth study of "PC" / CP(contemplative presence-conscious presence) and practising empathy.

  • The synergy of "PTT-PC" / QLW-CP (the memonic "quiet little witness" for attention and alertness) with practising empathy.

  • Practising P.E.A in context.
    Theoritical and technical inputs, thoughts and conceptualization on practising in context.

  • Creating your own therapeutic approach.

The content is also a function of your own approach and your research and wishes.