You will be welcome at La font-Blanche for retreat stays ; nature as well as the quiet place can help you some inner space ; it can also help to put things into perspective and come back to the heart of the matter.


With P.E.A, learning self-treatment, care, listening and a follow-up with practitioners who will assist you during your stay on your process will be provided. You will get a personalized schedule when you arrive with a referring-practioner who will assist you daily during your stay. 


You have the chance with P.E.A to be a kind companion to yourself in order to work deeply on everyday matter and reach more clarity, acceptance and joy.

"Sometimes,there is no emergency,we are not driven by suffering but nevertheless there is a movement inside us that leads us to ask ourselves to stop,to settle and to improve our being with oneself,to be more determined with the choices in our life and above all with the kindness that we all need to develop towards oneselves and others."

Anne-Marie Fis