le sourire intérieur

LSI is a non-profit organization (association loi 1901); its purpose is to practise any activity that provides human beings with psychosomatic well-being, development and fulfilment as well as inner peace.

To this end, it helps the transmission of PEA (Presence with Empathy and Attention), a holistic care approach for individuals.

Presence with Empathy and Attention

P.E.A is a holistic care method that leads each of us towards an improved emotional and physical health and a quality of kindly presence. P.E.A takes root in traditional energetic techniques as well as in Anne-Marie Fis  over 40 years old care and research.


It is above all a kindly companionship with oneself that enables us to work deeply on everyday life towards more clarity, acceptance and joy. The suggested practice to heal oneself is a simple way of interiorization and meditation. It is accessible to all and a support for transformation and liberation.


The simple and radical tools offered by P.E.A are genuine life companions which gently and kindly guide everyone of us on our journey. 

"Today, I would define empathy as an intuitive, spontaneous, kind and value judgement free movement which happens in the relationship that we have with ourselves, others and the world. It comes from welcoming what is here and also induces the reception. The reception is totally silent and without condition. 


The sudden reception and movement produced by a space-presence is felt as such by a knowing and manifesting function which is aware that what is here is right.


This is the result of an inner adventure made of smooth and united discernment and kindness,and also the result of a pilgrimage to the root of light and pure kindness.


Using the self-treatment as the practice's crucial tool, P.E.A becomes a constant companion."


Anne-Marie Fis

Font-Blanche is the main place for the organization activity where you can discover or improve P.E.A. Workshops, courses, stays, retreats and care are available.


P.E.A is also offered in Arcachon Bay, in Royan, Brussels and Hamburg.